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Horses and Ponies and Exotic Animals

1) The Council’s Animal Welfare Officers, in conjunction with a veterinary officer, will continue to ensure that Horse Riding Establishments comply with licensing conditions.

2) The Council will seek to limit the keeping of horses where there is inadequate provision for grazing and will seek the provision of off road riding and exercise areas away from vehicles to limit risks to horses and riders.

3) The Council will enforce the Protection Against Cruel Tethering Act 1988 and will not allow the tethering of horses and ponies over protracted periods and/or without access to water, adequate grazing and shelter on land owned or managed by the Council.

4) The Council will not allow the following practices at show jumping and eventing held on Council owned land or managed land:

a) Competitions where obstacles are unreasonably difficult.

b) The use of training or riding methods which cause distress or suffering.

c) The use of drugs to alter the performance of the horse or to enable it to compete.

5) The Council will continue to enforce rigorously the Dangerous Wild Animals Act 1976 and will do all it legally can to discourage the keeping and sale of unsuitable animals.

6) The Council will also ensure that its Animal Welfare Officers are knowledgeable in the farming or keeping of unsuitable animals for food, e.g. Wild Boar, Ostriches etc.

7) The Council is opposed to the import and sale of bush meat.