‘Winning Together’, published by the Labour Animal Welfare Society, finds that animal welfare is an important issue for voters in Labour’s target seats.

23 September 2022  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE


The Labour Animal Welfare Society  (LAWS) has today published ‘Winning Together: How Bold Animal Welfare Policies Can Help Labour Connect With Voters’, a comprehensive review of the polling data regarding public attitudes to animal welfare issues. The report has a particular focus on Labour’s vital target seats and will be officially launched at the Labour Conference in Liverpool. In ‘Winning Together’, LAWS is calling for Labour to commit to bold animal welfare policies which, the evidence shows, will be attractive to voters in key constituencies, including in rural areas. 

Winning Together highlights the poor record of the Tory government on animal welfare: a legacy of broken promises and failures to act.

The new Conservative government is abandoning promises on animal welfare. A pledge to ban imports of foie gras and fur has been torn up and the Tories cannot be trusted with the Hunting Act, nevermind to strengthen it. The Animals Abroad Bill has also been abandoned and the sacking of Lord Goldsmith as environment minister, with responsibility for domestic animal welfare, by Liz Truss makes clear the Conservatives’ direction of travel.

The Conservatives have also betrayed  rural communities by signing up to post-Brexit trade deals that have a negative impact on British farming and simultaneously undermine animal welfare. The new Prime Minister has been instrumental in many of these trade agreements.

In Winning Together, a comprehensive analysis of the most recent polling data by academic Heather Pickett MSc debunks these claims. It shows animal welfare is as important to people living in rural areas as to those living in urban areas, including on rural issues such as the hunting ban and badger cull. A substantial majority of those polled in Labour target seats, including rural target seats, would like to see more laws to improve animal protection. 

Across the wider electorate, the British public cares deeply about animal welfare. A majority supports the fox hunting ban, supports bans on shooting birds for sport and on the use of snares, opposes the badger cull and the use of the whip in horse racing, supports bans on imports of animal fur and hunting trophies and believes the Government should increase the level of animal protection.

The Labour Animal Welfare Society  is calling on Labour to stay true to the bold commitments towards animal welfare embodied both in the 2019 animal welfare manifesto and in the vision for animal protection shown in the 1997 election campaign and subsequent Labour government. 

Both Sir Keir Starmer MP and Angela Rayner MP pledged strong support for animal welfare during the 2020 leadership elections.

Chair of LAWS, Mark Glover, said: 

“This report examines the many opinion polls that have been commissioned in recent years, looking at animal welfare issues along with the political affiliations of those taking part.

The polling evidence is clear. Animal welfare policies are popular with the electorate and, at a practical level, often cost nothing. A strong set of animal welfare policies can help Labour electorally.

In 1997, Labour produced a radical animal welfare manifesto that was strongly supported by the Leader Tony Blair MP. Its policies were subsequently implemented under the Labour government after the election victory. It is by drawing from all parts of its proud tradition that Labour wins elections, and concern for animal welfare is a part of that tradition and Labour should follow the spirit of 1997 by embracing bold policies on animal welfare. 

As the analysis by Heather Pickett shows, this helps Labour connect with voters, including in key areas. By working and winning together, Labour can attract voters, win elections and improve the lives of animals.”


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The Labour Animal Welfare Society was set up in 1992 to provide animal welfare information to the Labour Party, Labour Councils and Groups etc. It is affiliated to the Labour Party.

In ‘Winning Together’, LAWS has produced a policy programme of 45 pledges, under six different pledge card-style sections, which are:

  • Introduce stronger animal protection laws and enforce stricter penalties for animal cruelty
  • Protect the welfare of animals in international trade and treaties
  • Work with farmers to improve farm animal welfare
  • Protect pets from ill treatment
  • Review conditions for animals in research
  • Tackle the collapse in biodiversity and protect wild animals

Download the full report here: