Sir Keir Starmer

Labour’s socialist societies are a hugely important part of the Labour Party family and the Labour Animal Welfare Society play a crucial role in campaigning on the rights of animals and promoting animal welfare within our party. We are the Party of the hunting ban and the Animal Welfare Act and that wouldn’t be the case without you.

I was proud to support Labour’s animal welfare manifesto, particularly the commitment to introduce a powerful animal welfare commissioner looking after the interests of animals at the heart of Government.

I also support enshrining the principle of animal sentience into UK law, and my team pushed hard on this important issue during the passage of Brexit legislation. The fact that the Tories used their MPs in Parliament to reject the amendment to recognise animal sentience shows where their priorities really lie. The Tories have overseen the inhumane badger cull and turned a blind eye to those circumventing the Hunting Act. That’s why I am particularly concerned that the protection of animal welfare will be ignored in this government’s pursuit of trade deals.

I would be delighted to have the support of the Labour Animal Welfare Society, and if elected leader I would look forward to working closely with you, drawing on the expertise and experience of the Labour Animal Welfare Society to keep developing this vital agenda.