Animal Welfare 10 Point Plan

1. Fully implement and enforce the Animal Welfare Act. Each police force should have specialist animal welfare knowledge and officers.
2. To provide safe homes for pets of people needing refuge from domestic violence.
3. Fur labelling to show consumers if items on sale are made with real animal fur.
4. Animal experiments. Proper funding for the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Testing.
5. Humane trade policy should reflect public opinion and help to end international atrocities committed against animals.
6. Humane food policy. Food products should carry welfare labels, high farm animal welfare standards need to be adopted and vegetarian and vegan food readily available in schools, prisons and other institutions.
7. Snares and anti-coagulant rodenticides should be banned.
8. The link between human violence and animal abuse needs to be fully recognised, understood and embraced in policy matters.
9. Hunting with hounds. Proper enforcement is needed as well as proper penalties for offenders.
10. A new Protection of Mammals Act to be introduced to provide mammals with the same protection afforded to birds.