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Aug 28

Labour launches Animal Welfare Manifesto

Following public consultation, Shadow Secretary for DEFRA, Sue Hayman, will today unveil the party’s 50-point Animal Welfare Manifesto for government. Labour will announce radical action to strengthen animal welfare law, promote the highest level of care for domestic animals, improve welfare for animals used in sport and research and increase efforts to protect wild and …

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Feb 04

LAWS Day Conference – Saturday 16 March 2019

Save the date. This year’s LAWS Day Conference will take place on Saturday, 16 March in London at the Bloomsbury Baptist Church (conference room), 235 Shaftesbury Avenue, WC2H 8EP. The event will run from 10 am to approximately 4 pm. Please let us know if you will be attending. There is a fee of £10 …

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Sep 13

LAWS fringe meeting, Monday 24 September

Sep 13

Template CLP motion on Labour’s Animal Welfare Plan

Raising animal welfare issues at your local constituency and branch party meetings is a great way to keep animal issues on the political agenda. it can also help Below is a template motion to be used to raise awareness  in your local party about animal welfare issues and facilitate discussion on this often overlooked issue: …

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May 09

Stop the mountain hare killings: where does Scottish Labour stand?

The mountain hare is native to the Scottish Highlands. In their white winter coats, bounding over the snow, they are an iconic image of the ‘untameable’ wild Scotland that we all love. Yet this beautiful animal is routinely shot – even in the Cairngorms National Park – by hunting parties out for the thrill, and …

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Apr 09

Have Your Say: Labour’s Animal Welfare Consultation

  Recently, Labour launched a 50-point animal welfare plan, detailing the policies the party would seek to implement if and when it forms a government.    Labour has always been the party that has taken the lead in animal welfare and animal rights issues are important to Labour supporters.  So we wanted to remind you …

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Mar 09

Labour’s new animal welfare plan unveiled

Labour has launched radical action on Animal Welfare that would look at introducing a ban on the live export of animals for slaughter, consult landlords on giving tenants the right to keep a pet, strengthen the Hunting Act, enshrine the principal of animal sentience in law, end the badger cull, implement a review of animal …

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