About LAWS

1. Fully implement and enforce the Animal Welfare Act. Each police force should have specialist animal welfare knowledge and officers.
2. To provide safe homes for pets of people needing refuge from domestic violence.
3. Fur labelling to show consumers if items on sale are made with real animal fur.
4. Animal experiments. Proper funding for the National Centre for the Replacement, Refinement and Reduction of Animals in Testing.
5. Humane trade policy should reflect public opinion and help to end international atrocities committed against animals.
6. Humane food policy. Food products should carry welfare labels, high farm animal welfare standards need to be adopted and vegetarian and vegan food readily available in schools, prisons and other institutions.
7. Snares and anti-coagulant rodenticides should be banned.
8. The link between human violence and animal abuse needs to be fully recognised, understood and embraced in policy matters.
9. Hunting with hounds. Proper enforcement is needed as well as proper penalties for offenders.
10. A new Protection of Mammals Act to be introduced to provide mammals with the same protection afforded to birds.

Who We Are

Labour Animal Welfare Society was set up in 1992 as an organisation for Labour Party members and supporters.

What We Stand For

Our objectives are to:

  1. Give support to the Labour Party on animal welfare
  2. Educate, promote and organise discussion on animal welfare
  3. Promote our belief that humans have obligations toward other animals

LAWS is an animal welfare society with a political edge that puts us right at the heart of government.

LAWS is able to move the animal agenda further because we understand not just the case being made but also how the political system works.

We are active in campaigns across the spectrum of animal welfare issues.

LAWS made an impact in the campaign to ban hunting with dogs with the support of Ministers and MPs.

What We Do

We have a yearly programme of activities, including conference stands and fringe meetings, day conferences and educational meetings are planned every year in addition to ongoing monitoring and lobbying activities.

Since coming to power in 1997 Labour’s achievements for animals include:

  1. Banning hunting with dogs
  2. Securing an end to cosmetic testing on animals
  3. Banning fur farming
  4. Introducing the Animal Welfare Act 2006

We were very active in support of all of these measures, working closely with Labour MPs, many of whom are members of LAWS.

LAWS works closely with colleagues in the European Parliament, Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament.

LAWS campaigns on many other issues, including live animal transport, factory farming, vivisection and the protection of marine mammals.

LAWS is governed by a National Executive which is elected by the membership.