Feb 14

Richard Burgon

I am proud to have served in Labour’s Shadow Cabinet that has delivered the groundbreaking Animal Welfare Manifesto ahead of the last election.
This builds on Labour’s proud tradition of being the party of animal welfare.

I have been a long standing opponent of fox hunting and other blood sports. The killing of animals for sport is senseless and I am proud that as a party we brought in the Hunting Act of 2004. 

Labour Animal Welfare Society has done great work for many years and will require the support of the wider Labour Party over the coming years under the Conservative Government. As a campaigning Deputy Leader I want to work with you and other groups to highlight to the wider public that it is only a Labour government that will ensure animal welfare is protected. 

The Labour Party must do all it can to block the Conservative Government in their attempts to drag the country backwards in terms of blood sports legislation and in using the cover of Brexit to dilute existing legislation. 
I have deep concerns over the welfare of farm animals and stopped eating meat in 2015 and try to make as much of my food intake as possible vegan. I spoke on BBC Any Questions last year about doing ‘Veganuary’ and for people to limit their consumption of meat.