Feb 14

Dr Rosena Allin-Khan

Growing up on the breadline, as a mixed race child, with a single mum, under Margaret Thatcher’s Government of the 80s, meant that the odds were stacked against my brother and I.

Constantly told that there was a ceiling on what I could achieve, when I failed my exams, mydreams of serving my community looked to be over.

A Labour Government transformed my life and enabled me to go to medical school andbecome an A&E doctor, where I still do frontline shifts. I am determined that no person should have a limit placed on them by this Conservative Government. As an MP, I’ve taken my passion for Labour values across the world in humanitarian crises, working with the most vulnerable.

Only when we give a voice to the voiceless, can we create a more equal society.

I am extremely proud of Labour’s record on animal welfare. We have always ensured that the welfare of animals remains high on a packed policy agenda. I am proud of not only our legislative achievements, but also that we stand united as a party against the Conservatives’ cruel hunting agenda, helping create a cultural shift against these archaic practices in our society.

I became a doctor as my drive to help people, at home and across conflict zones around the world, has been with me since childhood. However my compassion does not end with people. I agree with LAWS that our animal welfare manifesto put together at the last election is the most radical set of animal welfare policies ever produced and I am fully committed to it. As Deputy Leader, I would make animal welfare an absolute priority of mine and I would work with my colleagues in the STEM community and in full collaboration with LAWS and other animal welfare groups to build on the vision we have set out. 

The Conservatives may be in power, however we must continue to stand united as a party to ensure that their underlying agenda of cruel animal practices does not resurface in Parliament and in our society.

We face a huge challenge ahead and we need to prove to the country that we can deliver on our promises.

As Deputy, I will lead from the grassroots, working hard across the UK. I will listen to members and together evaluate why we lost the last four general elections, then move forwards, starting by winning the elections in May.

I would give our emergency service workers a voice on shaping their future by offering them areduced rate to join our party- we will fight to save our NHS from the Tory sell-off.

My aim is clear: to take Labour forward together and win the next General Election

– join me.